• EPS I

Flight-proven Electric Power System (EPS)

Feautures :
Input Channels - 3 (one for each CubeSat axis)
Input Voltage (Per Solar Panel Channel) - up to 5.5 V
Input Current (Per Solar Panel Channel) - up to 1.8 A
Six Connectors For - the solar panels
Integrated Blocking Diode For Each - solar panel connector
Battery Pack Power - 10.2 Wh (20.4 Wh with EPS I Plus)
Battery Pack Voltage - 3.7 V nominal
Mass - 208 g
Stackable Battery Packs - up to 8 A
Output Power Buses - 3.3 V, 5 V, BCR (5 V max) and Battery raw
Interfaces - UART, I2C, USB-C
Switches - Two deployment and one Remove Before Flight (RBF)
Control - Six general purpose outputs for shutdown/reset of external modules
Interfaces - UART, I2C, USB

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