NanoPower P31u

Electrical Power Supply system for small nanosatellites

Main Features
Optimal for 1U and 2U platforms
Battery voltage 8V
20 Wh battery onboard
Photovoltaic power conversion up to 30 W
ISS launch compliant version available
Key functionality
3 input channels with independent power point setting
Three different photovoltaic power point options
Battery under-voltage and over-voltage protection
Two regulated power buses
6 user-controlled output switches w. latching current limiter
Discrete control of output switches
Onboard housekeeping measurements
Interface to battery board NanoPower BP4 and BPX
Separation-switch interface with latching mechanism
Remove-Before-Flight-pin interface
Onboard lithium ion battery pack
Onboard microcontroller with I2C interface
CSP network protocol for seamless integration with other GomSpace products

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3U Powerpack

Complete power system for 3U-nanosatellite

The 3U Power Pack includes a power supply, battery pack and full solar panel set for a 3U nanosatellite:

1 NanoPower P31uS
1 NanoPower BP4
1 NanoPower P110UA
1 NanoPower P110UB
1 NanoPower P110UC
1 NanoPower P110A
1 NanoPower P110B
1 NanoPower P110C
4 NanoPower P110AS
4 NanoPower P110BS
Power Harness
Main features:
Photovoltaic power up to 60 W
Two regulated power buses: 3.3V@5A and 5V@4A
Up to six 3.3V@3A outputs
Up to six 5V@3A outputs
Battery capacity: 2600-5200 mAh

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NanoPower BP4

Small and powerful battery module for CubeSats

Feautures :
18650 Li-Ion cells with a nominal capacity of 2600 mAh
Two configurations are available:
2P-2S: 6 - 8.4 V & 5.2 Ah
1P-4S: 12 - 16.8 V & 2.6 Ah
Integrated temperature sensors with digital interface
Battery heater
Auxiliary MOSFET switch (e.g. to drive thermal knives for deployables)
Stackable for increased capacity
Fits standard PC104
ISS launch compliant version availabl

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NanoMind A3200

Versatile On-board Computer for Cube, Nano and Microsat missions

Feautures :
High-performance AVR32 MCU with advanced power saving features
512 KB build-in flash
128 MB NOR flash (On two dies of 64 MB each)
32 kB FRAM for persistent configuration storage
RTC clock
On-board temperature sensors
8 external ADC channels that can also be used as GPIO
External SPI with 3 chip selects
Cubesat Space Protocol (CSP)
GOSH interface for check-out
Attitude control system features:
3-Axis magneto resistive sensor
3-Axis gyroscope
3 bidirectional PWM outputs with current measurements
I2C interface for GomSpace Sensor Bus (GSSB)
Electrical features:
2 x 20-position hard-gold plated FSI one-piece connector

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Высокопроизводительная система для наблюдения за Землёй
High performing Camera-system for Earth Observation Projects

Feautures :
Integrated System:

Industrial Lens
3-megapixel color sensor
Advanced data processing and storage on-board
Image Acquisition:

1/2" (4:3) format color CMOS sensor
2048 x 1536 pixels
10-bit RGB Bayer pattern
Lens Performance (for each lens version):

8 mm lens: <260 m/pixel from 650 km
35 mm lens: <60 m/pixel from 650 km
70 mm lens: <30 m/pixel from 650 km
400-750 nm spectral transmission
Data Processing:

High performance ARM processor
512 MB on-board DDR2 RAM
2 GB solid state image storage
RAW, BMP and JPEG output format

CSP-enable CAN, I2C and TTL level serial interfaces
Serial port with text-based console for debugging
Mechanical Features:

Standard PC/104 size, 96 mm x 90 mm
Mass: from 169 g with the 8 or 35 mm lens
Mass: from 277 g with the 70 mm lens

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NanoTorque GSW-600

Reaction wheel for nanosatellites

Main features
Long life brushless motor design
Integrated control electronics
Enclosed design
Hybrid bearings
Lubricant free
Vacuum rated
Long life
Redundant data interfaces
Speed and torque control capability
Low jitter with precisely balanced flywheel

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NanoPower BPX

High capacity lithium-ion battery pack with a heater for CubeSats

Feautures :
Lithium-ion battery pack for space applications
Utilizes 18650 Li-Ion cells with a nomical cell capacity of 2600 mAh
77 Wh capacity
3 different battery configurations:
2S-4P: 6 - 8.4 V & 10.4 Ah
4S-2P: 12 - 16.8 V & 5.2 Ah
8S-1P: 24 - 33.6 V & 2.6 Ah
Expandable: Any number of BPX packs can be coupled in parallel or serial
Can be configured for nominal voltage ranging up to 29.6 V
Provides telemetry over I2C (CSP protocol) - voltage, current and temperature
Autonomous heater system
Fits standard PC104

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