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Fine Sun or Earth Sensor

CubeSense is a CMOS-based Sun and Earth sensor with a wide field of view, low power usage and high accuracy. CubeSense is a highly compact, single sensor head with integrated electronics.

These sensors provide Sun/Earth measurements with <0.2° (3σ) accuracy over a 180° field of view. The sun sensors are completely immune to albedo effects, making them highly robust and versatile. All sensors are calibrated in our state-of-the-art dark calibration room, using a sun simulator and highly accurate rotation stage. CubeSense has flight heritage for a wide variety of missions and orbits.

In orbit since 2014

Mass - 30g
Operating temperature - -20°C to 70°C
Vibration - 14g RMS
Radiation - 24kRadElectrical
Supply voltage - 3V3
Average power - 100mW
Peak power - 200mW
Communications - I2C/UART

Accuracy (3-sigma) - <0.2° with Earth/Sun fully in view
Update rate - 2Hz
FOV - 180°

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