3U Powerpack

Complete power system for 3U-nanosatellite

The 3U Power Pack includes a power supply, battery pack and full solar panel set for a 3U nanosatellite:

1 NanoPower P31uS
1 NanoPower BP4
1 NanoPower P110UA
1 NanoPower P110UB
1 NanoPower P110UC
1 NanoPower P110A
1 NanoPower P110B
1 NanoPower P110C
4 NanoPower P110AS
4 NanoPower P110BS
Power Harness
Main features:
Photovoltaic power up to 60 W
Two regulated power buses: 3.3V@5A and 5V@4A
Up to six 3.3V@3A outputs
Up to six 5V@3A outputs
Battery capacity: 2600-5200 mAh

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