EPS II + аккумуляторная батарея

The next generation of NanoSat and MicroSat Electric Power System (EPS)

Feautures :
Input Channels - 3 per battery pack
Redundancy - Fully redundant Solar Panel connectors
Input Voltage (Per Solar Panel Channel) - 10 to 36 V
Input Current (Per Solar Panel Channel) - up to 4 A
Stackable Battery Packs - up to 4 packs for a maximum power of 1 kW
Current Limitation - Configurable both for input and output channels
Integrated Blocking Diode - for each solar panel connector
Charge/Discharge Mode Voltage And Heater Thresholds - configurable
Standard Battery Pack Capacity - 80.4 Wh
Standard Battery Pack Voltage - 35.1 V
Mass (EPS + Battery Pack) - 1280 g
Output Power Buses - 2x3.3 V, 2x5 V, 1xProgrammable (6-12 V) and Battery raw
Switches - Deployment and Remove Before Flight (RBF)
Interfaces - RS-485, USB

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